Fix: Connect-PnPOnline: Invalid provider type specified

Hi, In the context of deployment of a SPFx package whitin a DevOps Pipeline Self-Hosted agent, an error was thrown as: Invalid provider type specified when trying to connect on the site through certificate. Really weird error because this was working locally and within another agent in test. So debugging the command on the server… Continue reading Fix: Connect-PnPOnline: Invalid provider type specified


Block specific extensions to M365

Hello, I was asked to secure the tenant by preventing the upload of specific file types on all solution like OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. Searching in Microsoft documentation, I found the only article related to it that is specific to OneDrive: Block syncing of specific file types. The feature is blocking only the synchronisation from… Continue reading Block specific extensions to M365

Fix: Unable to find the location of Dac Framework (SqlPackage.exe)

Hi all, Trying to deploy SQL package via an Azure DevOps release pipeline, the following exception has been raised : ##[error]Deployment on one or more machines failed. System.Exception: Unable to find the location of Dac Framework (SqlPackage.exe) from registry on machine xxx-xxxx-xxxx Within my context the task is "WinRM - SQL Server DB Deployment". So,… Continue reading Fix: Unable to find the location of Dac Framework (SqlPackage.exe)

Hibernation in Windows Server Core 2022

By default on fresh install, there is no Hibernate or Sleep features activated on a Windows Server. So if you are using this edition in Core mode for a NAS or just would like to save power consumption or avoid unnecessary hardware uptime, you must enable this. To verify the current state, enter a classic… Continue reading Hibernation in Windows Server Core 2022

Configuring Robots.txt for Public Facing Search Agent

Hi all, Managing SharePoint Public facing sites generate configuration tasks that you wouldn't think about using internal network. The anonymous activated on your site expose your sites to the Internet Jungle and particularly to Web Crawlers and Web Robots which could be pretty intrusive through your farm. So you have to use "Robots exclusion standard"… Continue reading Configuring Robots.txt for Public Facing Search Agent

Quick Tips: NPM Behind a Web proxy

It is possible that your development machines are behind your corporate proxy. To route both traffic secured and not secured one use the following command lines: npm config set proxy http://proxyUrl npm config set https-proxy http://proxyUrl Within my context the proxy is an authenticated one with a specific port, if so, use the following: npm… Continue reading Quick Tips: NPM Behind a Web proxy

Installing Azure Information Protection Client [Part 2]

Index Installing Azure Information Protection Client [Part 1]Installing Azure Information Protection Client [Part 2]   Hi, Second part for another client the new "Microsoft Azure Information Protection for Unified Labeling". FYI: I was force to use the latest Fast Insider Office Version to get it working. So lets start launch the exe file (no msi or package… Continue reading Installing Azure Information Protection Client [Part 2]

PnP Template error with MMS Fix

Hi, It is possible that you raised this exception when generating a PnP template on your on-premise Farm. Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate -out .\Template.HrFiles_FullSite.xml -force Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate : Cannot invoke method or retrieve property from null object. Object returned by the following call stack is null. "GetDefaultSiteCollectionTermStore Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.TaxonomySession.GetTaxonomySession " At line:1 char:1 + Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate -out .\Template.HrFiles_FullSite.xml -for ... +… Continue reading PnP Template error with MMS Fix

Install Office with Fast Insider Channel

Hi, It is possible that you or your users must use the latest version of Office Versions before the "First Release". My use case is the usage of the latest Azure Information Protection that requires these builds for bugs fixing. A Microsoft note mention this: Keep in mind that you must use the Office Deployment… Continue reading Install Office with Fast Insider Channel

Quick Tips: Reset Azure Information Protection Client Settings

For any reasons, it could be useful to reset your configuration Azure Information Protection Client Settings like: changing account properly, cleaning your labels, etc.. Microsoft provide us an application menu instead of cleaning manually the regedit cache. So Select Help and Feedbacks Depending on your client version AIP or AIP Unified labels Then click on… Continue reading Quick Tips: Reset Azure Information Protection Client Settings